Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get the data?

We’re able to poll the data directly from your DMS or CRM with a secure connection. If you would prefer to post the data to an FTP site we can accommodate that also. If you’re interested in ‘trying us out’ for one campaign we can even use client supplied lists!

Will my data be safe?

Of course! As a partner of the Minnesota Automobile Dealer Association, we have ensured only the best security for your data. We will also provide any written documentation you request proving that your data will never be distributed, sold or used without your permission!

How much does it cost?

Our data and email subscription services are based on how much data your dealership has. Just like our marketing efforts, we can’t build a proper plan without the data first. Direct mail and Known IP Targeting are based on quantity and type of piece but can range anywhere from $0.34 to $2.89 each.

What results can I expect?

We currently brag over a 3% CTR and 30% open rates on email; however, when you pair that email with targeted direct mail or Known IP Targeting you can expect upwards of $6 back for every $1 you spend!!

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