Our Marketing Services

Predictive Sales Model

How do I know they weren’t going to come back anyway?  We can now predict your future sales based on your historical data with great accuracy.  This gives us a baseline & more importantly, a number to beat!

Real ROI Reporting

Because we have access to your data, we can match in real time what your customers are doing and how they got to your location!  No more guessing if a campaign worked, we can now prove it whether you ran the campaign with us or not.

Data Segmenting

Dealer 121 segments your data into what is important for you to make the most out of every profit opportunity.  Shedding Light on Your Data’s Hygiene, Personalized Messaging, The Right Message to the Right Customer at the Right Time no matter what marketing channel.

Targeted Mobile

Targeted Mobile allows you to hyper-locally target customers inside individual households or competitors locations during their buying decision.   We then GPS track the customer to your store.

Direct Mail

Our targeted direct mail marketing options tremendously increase response rates and ROI with: 100% Variable Digital Printing, Competitive Rates and the ability to be Co-Op Compliant to Brand Standards. Pin-point accuracy with 10 times the national average return!

Email Marketing

Our leading email marketing system enables a zero-cost marketing channel to help your customers stay in their proper sales or service cycle.  Geographically targeted emails are completely variable and drive customers to custom landing pages on your site.


Save time posting. Spend more time on the phone. Craigslist posting tool will give back time in your day and guarantee higher call volume.

Display & PPC

Of course we can also manage your display and PPC ads.  If you’re already trusting us to follow up with your customers’ life-cycle, send targeted direct mail, and use the data to market digitally, it only makes sense that we include display and PPC in your package as well.

Dealership Merchandising

We’re able to provide merchandising packages to support the dealership initiatives.  In doing so we help deliver a very specific feel and consistency for any campaign.

Data Onboarding

We poll data nightly from your DMS, CRM or other customer files.  We attain vehicle, sales, service, customer, inventory and appointment files where available.

Securely House Data

We pull your sales, service, F&I and appointment data nightly to open up immediate multi-channel marketing opportunities.  This also allows us to report on ANY marketing campaign!

Data Appends

We do a quarterly data append to fill in missing address, phone number and email information and also update existing information to ensure the data we house is up to date and accurate.

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