Why Choose Dealer 121?


We believe the first step to a successful marketing campaign is using the best data you can have.  In fact, we’re a data company first and marketing company second.  If you deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time, you’ll receive the right ROI!  As a partner,

We will:

  • Append Customer Data – Frequently and properly we update data with new and current information as well as acquiring additional data points like addresses, phone numbers and emails to increase campaign effectiveness.
  • Provide you with trends and opportunities to assist in ALL marketing decisions. Even if it’s with another vendor.
  • Illuminate opportunities to target and capture lost or new market share
  • In-depth analytics to keep a pulse on the health of your dealership

In addition, Dealer 121 is committed to the security of your customers’ data and complies with regulatory laws and guidelines.


Dealer 121 will let you understand who your customers are, better than anyone in the marketplace.  When you have proper data points and know exactly who your customer is, you also know who your customer isn’t.  This allows you to engage the right customers with personalized offers and communications at the right time.  Engaged customers are more valuable and provide a stronger ROI.

Engaged Customers:

  • Tell more people of their positive experiences with you
  • Refer more customers
  • Buy more services more often
  • Stay in the relationship longer
  • Remain loyal when quality expectations aren’t met
  • Cost less to market and communicate to
  • Are more profitable
  • Are your greatest advocates

Design & Execute

Dealer 121 ensures you can target and communicate to 100% of your customer base with the right message.  We will design a custom marketing plan based on your data.  Dealer 121 has found it to be more beneficial to all parties when quarterly planning sessions are completed.  This allows you to approve the message one time and trust that it will be delivered to the right customers at the right time.  Once the plan has been approved, you’re done.  Dealer 121 will handle the rest and ensure the best ROI possible.  This is where we prove we’re a true partner and hold both of our interests at the same level.  We are a strong believer that a rising tide raises all ships.

Our Team:

  • Designs and tailors messages relevant to each customer’s needs
  • Implements the messages via its strategic multi-channel approach
  • Delivers to the customer’s preferred method of communication


If you can’t measure it, you shouldn’t be doing it.  Dealer 121’s objective is to grow your business and deliver long-term profitability by creating the best possible customer loyalty and retention. We know a precise and calculated marketing plan will provide the best possible results, so why pull a bunch of levers in your marketing department and not know what is working?  We can provide in depth measurement of every single campaign that you run, either with us or someone else.  Once we have the results, we can properly adjust or continue with current marketing efforts.

We will:

  • Report on individual Campaigns
  • Report on overall health of your data
  • Show you who your customers are and aren’t
  • Use results of previous marketing efforts to drive future plans
  • Increase frequency and quality of visits
  • Provide the right ROI